Post 9: The Best Gifts Are The Ones You Get Yourself

While I don’t always agree with this title (my little sister in my sorority is way more fun to give gifts in so many ways) there are times where you deserve to buy yourself a present. And for once, I bought myself one!

#1: Kate Spade Flicker Sophie purse


This is the first designer purse I have EVER bought for myself. College Prepster (my favorite blog ever) posted that there was an additional sale promo for the online Kate Spade sale items. I couldn’t resist! I was kicking myself last time I missed the sale and wasn’t going to do it again!

#2: Jonathan Adler Nook Cover


I always loved this Nook cover: the simple and perfect design. And it qualifies as typography! How can you not love typography? Now my Nook can travel safe and cute all at the same time (and in my new cute purse!).

#3: The Cutest Notebook Ever


There is no way to not fall in love with a little pink notebook that has this written on the cover.

So I’m just waiting for those and a little pencil case to come in. I’m ready to have a great new purse filled with new pretty things. I work two jobs, so every once in a while it’s time to pull together all the gift cards in the back of your junk drawer and take yourself shopping.


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