Post 10: Pretty Little Liars

With the ending of Gossip Girl and Eureka in 2012, the shows I religiously watch has now been whittled down to two: Once Upon a Time and Pretty Little Liars. And as great as Once Upon a Time is with its instant upload to Hulu by 11 pm on Sundays, the fact that every time something happens they take another stinkin’ two week break actually kills me.

But Pretty Little Liars not only has the best mix of beauty, brains, balls and consistent episodes, the current season is hooking me so hard I may cry when they go on their season break until summer. Only till summer and then there is more!

I also just found out about Pretty Dirty Secrets, a mini web series from fall 2012 to tide over fans for the 2012 Halloween episode which was literally killer. You can’t break this addition, for all the good reasons.

So here were are, Season 3B and only 3 episodes left. And damn, there has been so many great and insane things going on. It’s a Tuesday, so that means I’m spending my morning at work, my midday in class and attempting to cram in a meal, and the rest of the night (like 11 pm status) in the newsroom putting out our college paper. It’s an insane day, but the thought of watching the new PLL episode in the dark in my bed  (which is both the best and worst way to watch it) at 1am is always a highlight that keeps me going.

How to get through the day waiting for the new PLL episode:

#1: Watch the promo

Speaks for itself!

#2: Read Heather Hogan’s episode recaps on After Ellen.

Heather Hogan writes absolutely hilarious and fantastic recaps of the PLL episodes. Recapping by reading these is the best way to get myself through the week, and through a Tuesday!

Read them here.

#3: Google theories/rumors/what angered you last episode

Two words: Toby dead! All I seem to do lately is Google that phrase and read theories about him not being. Dead, I mean. Which is all I hope for.

Screen shot 2013-03-05 at 3.09.28 PM

Can’t live without this in PLL.

#4: Twitter

#BooRadleyvanCullen. If you don’t get it, go read those recaps.


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