Post 8: Obsessed with Vine

For my editing class, we were assigned to read a handful of articles and respond to them for class today. This weekend I read them, and by far the most interesting (though I did enjoy all three) had to be article about the new app, Vine.

Launched by Twitter, the app allows you to make six second video clips/montages. Six seconds turns out to be the equivalent of a 140-character tweet. Vine, while only for iPhone, can make these clips and you can post them on your Vine and share them on either Twitter or Facebook.

And I am in love.

I went out to dinner with girlfriends for one of our sorority sister’s birthdays, and I made four different videos at the dinner table. One of people’s faces, one of the sushi, and two of them sake bombing. It was way too much fun.

I love it in a way I will never love Twitter or Facebook. I’m a writer, and I can’t confine myself to a simple status, and usually find said statuses to be stupid anyways by the time I’m done writing them. I have about zero statuses these days; it’s just not cool like it used to be.

But Vine videos? Those can speak for themselves, and I’m loving it. Now the only trouble is being patient enough to put together a lot of things in six seconds and not use it up right away.


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