Post 4: Only Gets Harder

I swear I never last long before I start slacking off posts. Who doesn’t? Views go down, comments evaporate, and before you know it you’ve got zero motivation. Now how to combat that?

This Monday I’ve got a class off, and I’ve used the free time so far to watch Once Upon a Time (EXCELLENT episode, I must say), do a yoga workout, finish copyediting stories, and redo my makeup. It’s been a pretty relaxed Monday. So now to focus on my writing and blogging habits before heading out to see a friend.

I’ve always wanted to write a novel. But the idea of a novel and writing it are so, so different. How do you stay focused? The initial idea is awe-inspiring, something that gives you the itch to get going—but none of the tools are right. The keyboard is to backlit, the notebook to long to write in. And where to start? Somehow you have only imagined the middle, or page 2, or the ending. Or none of it. And then you are reminded how abstract an idea is.

So here I am, promising to start writing posts about the stories I never wrote. Or maybe shorter versions of them. The best thing I ever wrote was a three-page story about saying goodbye. That’s the type of writing I’m best at: to the point, bittersweet, and without dialogue. Dialogue and I hate each other. And yet it’s so important, which is another difficulty in my writing career.

Well, let’s give it a shot.


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