Post 3: Weekdays

It’s been nearly a week since I posted, which is a bad habit to get into so early in this blog. Can’t be doing that! But the week days are too crazy. Here’s a blip at my week.

Monday: Had newspaper editors meeting at 9am, then class from 9:35 – 10:50. After that I went home and had brunch, and worked on homework until I ran late to class at 4:10. Nearly got chewed out for it. Class was out at 6pm, headed home and changed for a sorority rush event at 7pm. Was there until nearly nine, and then went home and failed at doing any other readings before going to bed.

Tuesday: Work from 8am to 12pm, skipped my 12:35 class to get my rent check and drop it off as well as eat a sandwich before going to class from 2 – 5pm. Then was at the newsroom from 5 til nearly 11:30pm putting out the paper. It was a slight shitshow of a night, but the paper had some great stories so we’re still getting compliments. (Check it out! We’re @Xpress from SFSU)

Wednesday: Newspaper distribution at 8:15am, one hell of a workout. It was my second week doing it so I knew my long route much better, only took about an hour rather than over an hour and a half like the first week I did it. Then editor’s meeting and class from 9:35 to 11:50, and went home and attempted to download Pretty Little Liars (best addiction, ever) and watched reruns on Netflix/recovered from last night’s long day. Then had dinner with the boyfriend at 5pm, and went to another rush event at 7pm.

Thursday: Work from 8 to 12, then booked it to my 12:30 to 1:50 class. Picked up my homework before going to my 2 to 5 class, and then had a quick dinner before going to work at 6pm. Home from work at 9pm, then helped my boyfriend apply for a job at my evening campus job before going to bed.

Friday: Work from 8 to 12.Then stopped at West Portal on my way home and picked up photos from Walgreens, got a haircut, mailed a package, and had to find my temporarily lost umbrella. Called my grandmother before catching the train home. Had a shower and a snack before going to sorority interviews at 3:30pm and then work from 4 to 7. After that, called my little sister and watched How I Met Your Mother and ate meatballs until going to bed late.

So here I am, Saturday mid-afternoon and still completely unmotivated to do anything remotely homework like. Tomorrow will be crazy as well: sorority event at 11:30 so I need to eat and have a shower before catching the bus around 11:15. Will be at that event until 2 when I leave for work 2:30 to 5:30. Then I hope to get editing stories out of the way before going to bed.

I never mean to go AWOL (btw in love with a great band called AWOLNation sometime between now and Thursday…we think) when blogging, but when it does happen, just refer to the above. This is pretty much my weekly schedule, which leaves for either no spare time or too much spare time all at once. Like today: a complete day free and all I’ve been able to do is eat monkey bread, watch HIMYM, and be curled up in my bed scrolling the internet. First world problems.

What I should be doing is reading my open tabs about Timbuktu and writing one-pagers about why editors need to know about geography and current events. Maybe after a good blog post, I’ll get going on it. Wish me luck!


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