Post 2: Game Day

I live in San Francisco, the beautiful weather-bipolar heart of the bay area. And today is the Super Bowl, with the 49ers in New Orleans going up against the Ravens at 3:30 pm today.

Now, let’s be honest. I’m not a very big sports fan. I grew up around adamant 9ers and Giants fans (my dad’s family is all from the bay area, and my mother went to college up here) and never cared too much. Living in the city makes it a little different, just because you can’t avoid the sport when it’s doing great. And with the Giants just taking their second World Series title in three years, the city is pumped.

I remember the Giants winning my first semester here in the city. I barely knew it was happening, and then suddenly I was at a parade and the city was a sea of orange and black and there were cops everywhere. Honestly, all I really remember is the fact it was impossible to get home in time for class. That, and the feeling of fans filling the levels of the mall and chanting together. My Vietnamese roommate told me to take a picture, because this was a once in a lifetime experience.

So here I am, on game day morning doing my laundry so I can have pants to go out. Being on @XpressNews, I signed up to head out into the city to do Super Bowl coverage. I’m heading out to the Marina district with my boyfriend and his roommate to check out the scene, take some photos, and live tweet my way through the game. Sadly, I’m under 21, so I’m hoping to either A. find a bar that doesn’t care I’m there or B. find a pub which I am allowed in. Or C. sit in a coffee shop across from a bar. But that’s the final measure.

I can only imagine what my family is up to right now, or where they’re going to watch the game. Many of my friends can be found in bars in the Sunset district. At this moment, I’m wishing I asked one of them for a 9ers shirt, because I have no idea what to wear. Should probably check the Raven colors before I go anywhere.

Happy game day, San Francisco! If you want to check out my live tweeting of the game and the scene at the Marina, follow me @nenannette


P.S. Just wanted to shout out thanks to the new followers to this blog and the great comments I’ve gotten so far! Makes my day and keeps me posting!


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