Post 1: February 2nd

There’s a lot of ways to start a blog. One is probably the standard introductory post. One is scheduling a million posts for the first 12 hours that will attract a lot of attention. Maybe you’ll just post a picture of a kitten and be done with it, or maybe you were too lazy to change the auto “brand new blog!” post that was put there for you, and that will be the entirety of your blog.

This is Graciously Blue, a blog about being anything but gracious or blue. The tagline is the cleverest thing I’ve come up with in the last 24 hours, so bear with me if it starts to change. I really love it though. Alliteration always gets me.

I used to blog a lot, back when I had free time and overthought things a lot. Blogging was an outlet, and not always in the most ladylike ways. So starting fresh, I want to change what blogging has meant and what it’s about.

It’s a new month, and I’d like to give each month a set of goals and a theme to guide not only the posts but also my daily life. So what shall February 2013 be about?

Goal #1: Finish reading two (new) books. Last year’s goal was a book a month and I came out a book ahead. This year it’s two books a month, and I met it in January. So into February we go! Starting off with Big Sur, a book I finally bought on my Nook after eyeing it on bookshelves and in libraries for months.

Goal #2: Find a sense of balance. I’ve got new classes and a new work schedule, not to mention my first semester of being on the newspaper (Print Copy Chief of @XpressNews!) and so far after one week of school I ended up taking a two hour nap on Friday afternoon. And I don’t nap.

Goal #3: Start meditating. I always say I’ll go to meditation and I never do. But the San Francisco Shambhala center has a new Mindful Knitting meetup that is running around screaming my name. Literally. (Well, not literally). Today I took a step forward and emailed the listed contact about getting involved. Fingers crossed!

Goal #4: Out with the old. Clean up my desk and closet, and toss the things I just have to have. My closet and desk are bursting — it’s time for some things to go.

Four goals is a good start. Don’t want to get too overwhelmed, I’ve already got two jobs and fifteen units on my hands. So in conclusion:

February 2013 theme: Personal balance. Keeping myself on a new schedule, adjusting to said schedule. Learning to balance everything new while still remembering to do the simple things like shower and wash the dishes.

So this blog will be a sort of journal of doing these things, along with the daily trumps and downfalls, the stellar outfits or nail polishes, the occasional inspiration or magical realization, etc. The place to share tips and tricks when knitting, meditating, being a copy editor, and a student in general.



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